Who We Are

Railroad Street Youth Project empowers young people by supporting youth-inspired projects that promote responsibility, self-worth and intergenerational communication.

AT RAILROAD STREET, YOUTH TAKE THE LEAD. They explore their full potential and become equipped to meet the challenging transition to adulthood.  RSYP’s professional adult staff matches youth-generated ideas with community resources, empowering young people to create and oversee a wide range of innovative, life-changing projects. Unmatched in mission and scope, RSYP excels in helping youth find their voice and realize the benefits of their commitment to themselves and their community.

APPROACH Railroad Street was created to ask youth a simple question: What do you want? A decade later the organization has a proven track record of providing youth with the resources to channel their energy, creativity and idealism in order to transform their lives.

ACCESS Railroad Street does not judge youth, creating an atmosphere where young people from all walks of life are welcome. Connections are made casually at the drop-in center and programmatically through apprenticeships and mentoring. RSYP matches its wide range of constituents with a wide range of services, as needs and interests emerge.

CHALLENGES Despite the natural beauty of the Berkshires, youth are nevertheless confronted with complex social challenges. Understanding that substance abuse, neglect, isolation, lack of available transportation, and other systemic challenges will never disappear, Railroad Street creates a life-affirming community of peers and intervenes by equipping youth with choices, resources and support structures.

COMMUNITY Railroad Street’s operational mission prioritizes building bridges with local schools and businesses. Now, in its second decade, the organization has won the respect, support and participation of residents, volunteers, and civic and elected leaders.

MANAGEMENT With smart, resourceful management and responsible stewardship, Railroad Street makes exceptional use of its modest resources. Because RSYP is such a lean organization, greater support will have an exponentially greater impact on the lives of the region’s young people.