YOB Minutes


Hi everyone!

In today’s meeting we discussed many new and upcoming events, as well as passed one proposal by Zine Club.

For the usual upcoming events:

    • Zine Club: 4pm-5pm
    • Q-Club: 5pm-6pm
    • YOB: 4pm-5pm
    • Fashion Apprenticeship: 3:30pm-5:30pm
    • Fashion Apprenticeship: 3:30-5:30
    • Mentor Meet-Up: 5pm-7pm
    • CVC: 6pm-8pm
    • Phart Club: 5-7

Some other events include Selma, which is on Thursday at 7pm, as well as 90’s Queer Snoball, which is happening this Friday the 16th from 7pm-10pm. In addition to this, CVC is having an audition for paid acting positions on the 14th from 7pm-8:30pm at 37 Rosseter St. There also will be a screening on DuBois on Monday at 7pm at Berkshire South. Also pertaining to Web DuBois, there will be a lectures at Simon’s Rock this Friday at 3:30.

Dimitri came to the meeting today to let us know about a Community Gardens project. They want to get young people involved in the project, and have 8×4 plots available for rent to promote planting. They are also trying to set up a compost area to make mulch, and are trying to build an additional 8 plots. These plots are available for $50, but they are willing to aid or excuse the cost depending on circumstance. In conclusion, they need volunteers for the project, and will return with dates for volunteers to sign up for.

During the meeting we also FaceTimed Fish, who wanted to tell us about the Peace First non-profit organization. The organization likes to reinsure young people that “they’re the future”, and are a worldwide digital community that gives support to projects and provides digital mentors and expert advice. They are currently entering a challenge, labeled the Peace First Challenge, in which they invest $1,000,000 into youth ideas this spring. Projects must be created by February 28th and the plans must be submitted by March 31st. For more information, go to peacefirst.org, where you can sign up with email to get more information. Or, contact Ari to get Fish’s email.

Dylan and Tallulah made a proposal to aid them in the process of printing zines for Zine Club. The proposed amount includes ream paper, and the amount of ink that would be required.

We hope to see you at the next meeting!


Hi everyone! This week we had a couple proposals and a conversation about how to talk about YOB.

Upcoming events are:

    • Zine Club: 4pm-5pm
    • Q-Club: 5pm-6pm
    • YOB: 4pm-5pm
    • Fashion Apprenticeship: 3:30pm-5:30pm
    • Fashion Apprenticeship: 3:30-5:30
    • Mentor Meet-Up: 5pm-7pm
    • CVC: 6pm-8pm

In addition to those, the Great Barrington Waldorf High School is holding a talent show at the West Stockbridge church on Friday, February 2nd from 7-9pm. Drop-in acts are welcome!

Also, Monument Mountain Regional High School is holding a Valentine’s Day Cabaret on Wednesday, February 14th at 7pm. Admission in $5.

Today, Tallulah King made a proposal on behalf of Zine Club. Their second collaborative zine is about to be released and they have requested money to get ink and paper to print it. We decided to put this on hold to see if there were other ways to get these resources besides YOB.

Jess Kitch proposed a concert/festival called “Love is Alive” for Monday June 18th from 5-9pm. She asked for $500 total: $100 for snacks and beverages, $150 for her performance, and $250 for the other musician involved. She wants to have a day of song, dance, and self-love, where local artists could even potentially vend their own work. We decided to reconsider the date and budget and come back to this proposal at a later time.

Besides proposals, we discussed how to talk about YOB, and also some ideas on how to put $3000 back into the budget. We ran out of time before getting too in-depth, but plan on returning to this topic!

We hope to see you next week!



Hi everyone! This week at YOB we only had a couple soft proposals, but we had a special guest!

Upcoming events are:

    • Zine Club: 4pm-5pm
    • Q-Club: 5pm-6pm
    • YOB: 4pm-5pm
    • Fashion Apprenticeship: 3:30pm-5:30pm
    • Fashion Apprenticeship: 3:30-5:30
    • Mentor Meet-Up: 5pm-7pm
    • CVC: 6pm-8pm

The Transforming Education for Social Justice Conference is on March 10th. The theme this year is centering youth voice, experience, and power. The conference runs all day from 9am-6pm, and we will be leaving RSYP at 7:30am. Contact Ari Cameron at ari@rsyp.org if you are interested in attending.

For proposals, we only had one “soft” proposal from Chris Wiltshire. He is asking for $300 to take a permaculture class, and would be offering services to RSYP, based on permaculture, to give back to the space.

In addition to this, Joshua Briggs stopped by during the meeting and held a discussion centered around his recent project of making a film for parents to aid them in talking to their children (properly) about substance use and abuse. Here he asked questions about positive experiences we had, and are having, with our parents and caregivers about the subject. In conclusion, the group agreed that it is more helpful when an adult is open-minded and refrains from making accusations, as well as centering the conversation around the health aspects and risks rather than the expectations that they may hold.

That’s all for this week’s meeting! Don’t forget: YOB happens on Tuesdays from 4-5 and anyone is welcome to join!

We hope to see you at the next meeting!



Hi guys! In today’s YOB meeting we had a couple proposals that got passed, as well as an update on an already passed proposal.

As for the upcoming events:

    • Zine Club: 4pm-5pm
    • Q-Club: 5pm-6pm (tonight 7-8pm)
    • YOB: 4pm-5pm
    • Fashion Apprenticeship: 3:30pm-5:30pm
    • Fashion Apprenticeship: 3:30-5:30
    • Mentor Meet-Up: 5pm-7pm
    • CVC: 6pm-8pm

One proposal from today’s YOB was by Key Estime, who proposed that we help them pay for the expenses of a class on film and media production. The amount proposed was $300, and they hope to bring back intern opportunities to RSYP. Another way that they plan on giving back to RSYP is by including youth from the space in the video that they hope to compose after the experience, and also by updating us throughout the process.

Next, Donovan gave a soft proposal on starting a Magic the Gathering group here at RSYP. He believes that the club would possibly meet on Saturdays, and that the card decks that YOB would purchase could be handed out to members of the club.

For updates, the Space Camp concert was a huge hit. Many youth attended and seemed to enjoy themselves. In addition to this, the RISE stickers that were funded from a proposal that was passed have just arrived!

12/19/17 YOB MINUTES

Hey everyone! In today’s YOB meeting we passed a proposal and discussed MANY upcoming events.

For proposals, Rosie, Gen, and Lauren proposed we hold a movie night featuring “Moulin Rouge”. The group feels that this project will meet the mission of Railroad Street Youth Project as it is a prosocial event that teens can attend. RSYP will be aiding the project by providing a space for the event to be held, the TV in the space, and the funding of $50 towards snacks. The movie will be provided by the group. The date discussed for the showing of this movie event was January 26th.

For other upcoming events at RSYP:

    • Zine Club: 4pm-5pm
    • Q-Club: 5pm-6pm
    • YOB: 4pm-5pm
    • Fashion Apprenticeship: 3:30pm-5:30pm
    • Fashion Apprenticeship: 3:30-5:30
    • Mentor Meet-Up: 5pm-7pm
    • CVC: 6pm-8pm
    • Phart Club: 5-7 (this week is doing a showing: Myths and Legends at Purple Door Gallery
  • Holla-Day party: Dec. 22nd, 5pm-7pm
  • Spacecamp concert: Dec. 29th, 7pm-9pm

September 19, 2017

Hi all!

This week’s YOB meeting was small, but we discussed many upcoming events and even talked about some ideas that people have for future YOB proposals.

Culinary Arts Apprenticeships will begin on October 2nd and run for 8 weeks (transportation will be available if you’re interested!).

Dan Santos will be hosting a show here on Friday, September 29th at 7pm. Darrow School pop punk band Cabin Pressure will be headlining!

For some exciting news: Phart Club, Zine Club, and Fashion Club are back!  The schedules for each are down below:

  • Phart Club: Fridays from 5-7
  • Zine Club: Mondays from 4-5
  • Fashion Club: Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30

In the future there may be  a new Latino Group and possibly some new books in RSYP’s library!

Remember, YOB meetings are every week from 4-5! We hope to see you there!!!

September 12, 2017

We are back! School has started and two new YOB interns are joining us– Theresa Russell and Mason Amann!

In today’s meeting we talked about some upcoming events, personal proposals, and even passed a proposal, experimenting with our new consensus decision-making model.

Lots of things are happening at Railroad Street this Fall!

For starters, Ramble Wild is coming up on September 23rd (that’s a Saturday) from 8 am-5pm. There are still spots open, so if you’re interested please let us know!! Anyone attending will need to bring a lunch. Along with this, My Trails is coming up on October 13th through the 15th. Science Club will continue to happen on Mondays from 3:30-5, starting October 2nd. Other Clubs going on include Fashion club, which happens on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30, and Zine Club, which happens on Mondays from 4-5.

As for the proposal, Huck Elling asked us for a long arm stapler from Staples. She feels that this meets the mission of RSYP as it “will be used by youth to create their own zines, thus empowering youth to express themselves”. After further discussion, YOB decided that the long arm stapler would be a good investment as it could be used for not only zines, but for a variety of other uses as well such as on posters and other projects.

YOB also decided that an event of some sort, most likely a movie, will be taking place at Railroad Street Youth Project on Halloween, which happens to fall on a Tuesday this year. Stay tuned for more info!

Next, we talked about kinds of personal proposals and even responded to specific scenarios that we came up with, talking about what we would do for the different situations. For the most part, we decided that most of it has to do with things like a person’s dedication to their project, their flexibility, and the interest that youth have in the event. The conversation will be continued at our next constituent-only meeting, where we’ll talk about budgeting.


March 21, 2017

Hey guys!!! This week we ended up passing two proposals!

Our first proposal was done by Sabrina Allard for $100 to get movie tickets from the Triplex. Her hope is to take 10 people to see a screening there of “I Am Not Your Negro” on March 31st, followed by a discussion about the experience at 6pm. She feels that this project meets the mission of the Railroad Street Youth Project as it “explores systematic racism and social justice”. She will be chaperoning the movie viewings and help facilitate the discussion of the film afterwards.

Our last proposal was done by Gen Naylor for $120 to get some art supplies for the phART club, which is a group that meets every Friday (with the exception of First Friday Flow Sessions) and makes art of any kind: you could make music, write, doodle, paint, you could do ANYTHING! With this money they’d like to purchase things such as Acrylic Paint, Oil Pastels, Water Color, Sharpies, etc. , and feel as though their proposal meets the mission of RSYP as it promotes creative thinking.

We hope to see you at YOB next week! Bring a proposal! Eat some food! Don’t forget: YOB is every Tuesday from 4-5pm!!!

February 7, 2017

Hey Guys! With this pass meeting on February 7th came many awesome proposals!

The first two proposals that we passed were for Jess Kitch. First, Jess asked for $300 to help her purchase new music equipment for her to practice with, as she will be producing her first album by January of 2018! In an effort to give back to RSYP, Jess will update YOB as she progresses and will plan and organize a show to perform here. She says that this will give her “a chance to make good, powerful music”. The show debut will come out with in 6 months. Additionally, Jess asked for some money to aid her in paying for childcare while she participates in the Theater for Justice Apprenticeship.

Our next proposal was by Seth Slemp. Seth asked us for $200 to help the Mentoring Program purchase 3 more tickets to the Celtics game, along with the expenses of gas and food. The Mass Mentoring Partnership will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary and will be celebrating this by planning a series of activities, including a night to meet the Boston Celtics (they will watch the game, meet the team, and high five them). In return, the six youth that will be participating in the mentoring program will record and show a documentary to YOB.

Ruby Jones made the following proposal, asking for $300 to buy fabrics and other materials for the Fashion Design Club. They already have received materials such as sewing machines and dress forms, but need the fabrics to begin creating the garments. She says that the project meets RSYP’s mission as “when someone finishes a garment she has worked on,her sense of self- worth will grow.” The project will also help the members in taking responsibility, as well as inter-generational communication, as they will be working with various adults to improve upon their skills through the experience and knowledge of the adults they communicate with.

Next, Regan Humphry made a proposal for $375 to help her market her play with the printing of postcards, posters, and programs. She also helps to hold a closing reception for the event. Regan wrote the play herself; additionally, she will be both the director and an actor. The planning for the event has been underway since Summer 2016, which will include two matinee performances: April 8th-9th at St. James Place.

In our last proposal, Jasmin made a proposal for $150 to help us organize a Birthday Party for W.E.B DuBois’s 149th birthday, as well as a book club to read his autobiography and learn more about his life. She says that this will bring “youth together to learn and celebrate a civil rights activist”. We hope to bring in 5-10 people for the book club and approximately 20 for his Birthday Party. RSYP will be providing space for both the party and the book club. The Birthday Party will take place on February 23rd and the book club will be every Wednesday, beginning on February 15th. We hope to see you there!!!

Our next YOB Meeting will be February 14th! All are welcome! Bring a friend, eat some food, come to YOB!!!!

January 13, 2017

Hey guys! In this week’s very productive YOB meeting we discussed upcoming events and ideas for the future as well as passed four proposals!

Our first proposal was by Chase and Rose for money to purchase plants for RSYP. They asked for $100 to buy these plants from Ward’s nursery.

Our second proposal was for a protest during Donald Trump’s inauguration. They asked for $205 to attend the events from Wednesday through Sunday. To give back to RSYP, they plan on preparing a Q+A/ presentation at YOB to discuss the activities that they attended, as well as maybe see some pictures and or videos of the events.

Our third proposal was by Jess Kitch for her 3rd Friday flow session! She asked for $50 to help her with the cost of food for the flow session and money for her time and effort on the project.

Our final proposal was for a vegan cooking workshop here for one of the upcoming YOB meetings. She plans on preparing a curry dish and hopes to help inform us on vegan cooking and how to get local and affordable food. She hopes to have the ingredients provided by the CO-OP.

We touched base on the courage wall again and discussed things like changing the wording from “I Wish I Had the Courage to…” to “I Have/Had the Courage to…” to make the project seem more inspirational and possibly giving the wall a new topic every week, such as sexuality, racial justice, religion, transgender rights, etc.

Lastly, we talked about how we could make changes for the better within ourselves and the community. Some possibilities we mentioned are One Hundred Days of Us, preparing to be involved for the next election, and key questions such as what can we do and what can’t we do? Why is the country so divided? What are we scared of? and How can we protect the things that we feel are in jeopardy?

We hope to see you at next week’s meeting!


November 15th, 2016

Hey everyone!! Rachel again,

Today we had a super productive YOB to make up for this dark, rainy day and we passed three proposals!!
The first was by Sophie Shron who makes wire jewelry and will be hosting a jewelry-making workshop before the holidays so we can make gifts for our loved ones! The date of this even is TBD but will most likely be on a Saturday or Sunday in December so look out for this event!
Also, Grace Rossman, who was also the featured poet at our last open mic, is going to be organizing a 6-week slam poetry workshop. This group will learn the basics of poetry writing, spoken word, and will end with a final performance by the students. Keep an eye out for this super cool workshop that will be starting up around the New Year!
Last, but most definitely not least, Jess Kitch proposed her second ‘First Friday Flow Session’. This theme will center around the theme of “art as dance”. These flow sessions serve as a creative and open space for people to come and create art and express themselves with others to music. The next First Friday Flow session will be held on Friday, December 2, from 5:30-7pm.
Don’t forget to be on the lookout for these new and exciting events!
Stay positive, stay healthy, and come to YOB!



October 25, 2016

Hey guys how’s it going?!

In today’s meeting, we discussed alternative forms of education, as well as passed two new proposals!

First, we passed a proposal from 4 students at Simon’s Rock to attend the Gender Conference East. This is a conference in which professionals in the fields of education, medicine, mental health, and law will come together to learn more about supporting and advocating for the rights of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. The students attending the conference will return and give a workshop or events based around what they learned.

The second proposal was done by a group of middle schoolers from Monument, their proposal was for trip to SOCO. In exchange for their ice cream adventure, they will create a poster to hang at RSYP with the prompt “What is most important to you?” Their hope is to establish a better relationship with their peers, and to have the opportunity to connect with them outside of school.

We hope to see you at our next meeting!

October 18, 2016

Hey everyone!

Rachel here and I am the new YOB intern from Monument Mountain!

This week’s YOB meeting began by passing Jess Kitch’s proposal for “First Friday Flow Sessions.” These will be held the first Friday of every month beginning on November 4th from 5:30-7:00pm. They are focused to stimulate and provide an open space for free, creative expression to music centering on the sessions particular theme. The first theme will be family, so start thinking about what this means to you and then join us the first, First Friday Flow Session!!

We then took a few minutes to watch Prince Ea’s video called “I Just Sued The School System” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqTTojTija8) ending the meeting discussing the video and ultimately what new forms and approaches we wish to see more in education.  Points were brought up addressing the fact that people often feel that the school system makes them feel that their self-worth is defined by a letter or number grade.  Additionally, people feel that many of their interests and learning styles are not being highlighted to help them succeed and are being overpowered by the common core curriculum. It was also brought up that because students’ learning styles vary as well as teachers’ teaching styles, conversations can and should be had between teachers and students so that that we as students feel that we are learning and succeeding in the most efficient way possible.

We hope to continue these exciting and interesting conversations at future YOB meetings. Next week we will be discussing alternative education styles and possible solutions for the lack of creativity fostered in public institutions! So if you are interested in contributing to the conversation, have ideas for future events, or just want to sit on a comfy couch and eat yummy snacks…COME TO YOB!!




October 4, 2016


My name is Bethany and I’m the new intern from Mount Everett! I’ll be working to update you on future meetings and updates to come.

In this week’s meeting, two proposals were passed!

The first proposal was by Dreamaholic, a local folk rock band, to have support in funding the release of their Debut Album! Michael Lesko, Maya Mortman, and Tim Morrison make up Dreamaholic. Together they create alternative folk rock music that they hope will “inspire and enrich people of all generations”. With RSYP’s help, not only will they be able to finish their album, but wish to host a songwriting workshop to give back. They will also likely be headlining RSYP’s Block Party next June!

The second proposal that passed was by Tallulah King, who will be hosting a zine club! This club will meet every Monday from 4:00pm-5:00pm, beginning on October 17th Here, young people will have the opportunity to express their ideas with others and explore art through the very accessible form of the zine (small, self-published booklets).

We are also really excited to announce that the Mt. Everett GSA will be working with us for our Open Mic Night on November 2nd featuring Grace Rossman! It will be held at RSYP (60 Bridge St., GB) from 7:00pm-9:00pm. For more info and/or signups, write to Ari at ARI@RSYP.org . We hope to see you there!!



January 23, 2015


It has been an extremely long time since our last update and we are extremely sorry, but hey! We have some great updates and opportunities for you guys. This Tuesday we were lucky to score a new intern from monument, Tommy! He will be working with Kiana to update you guys every week, to every other week with updates. Hopefully we can provide volunteer opportunities, cool events, community service, and tutoring. If you have an idea? COME TO RAILROAD STREET YOUTH PROJECT!!! No pressure to do anything other then what you would like to do, but take this opportunity!

Meanwhile, back on Tuesday, YOB (youth operational board) talked about the available Gypsy Coupons (for Gypsy Joint, Gypsy Jive, and the Gypsy clothing story) and get some money off your purchases! We also have an event that seeks to increase the youth insolvent at RSYP. We miss you guys!

Therefore, two students from Monument have developed a proposal for a Meet & Greet for youth within the Berkshire area. We will have five core YOB members that will be there to chill and hang out. The first fifteen youth that show up to this event to hang out and talk, will be given complimentary food and drinks and ten dollars worth of quarters for the arcade games. Even though our constituent age is 14 to 25, and Gypsy Jive is a bar, we will NOT allow any members participating in this event to drink alcohol. This event is WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH from 4-6pm. Please come!

Leo is a social worker and offers his wise words Monday 2pm-5pm, if you’ve got something on your mind stop by!

Drop in hours are;

Monday 2pm-5pm, and Tues-Fri from 2pm-7pm.

See you soon!


September 26, 2014

Hello everyone!

Last Tuesday for YOB we have a couple updates. Dana talked about making a mural on a building in Great Barrington! If you would like to know more about it email luiza@rsyp.org.

Alex would like to let you know that there are mentoring opportunities at the middle school! If you would like to mentor a middle schooler, and are in High School, email alex@rsyp.org.

Drawing Classes are offered Mondays and Wednesdays at RSYP from 3:30pm to 4:30pm, stop by!

Want to speak on a radio show? We are starting up our own radio show on 97.7 FM and we are not sure what time yet. Email luiza@gmail.com, we need interns! Also want to help with the board of LGBTQ? Or help with the 411 in the 413, email luiza@rsyp.org.

International Day of Peace was September 21st, and yet RSYP is going to have a Peace Project! Take pictures of Peace in your life and email it to luiza@rsyp.org.

Apprenticeship opportunities at the Red Lion Inn, Massage, photography and you can start up your own business! Email Jocelyn@rsyp.org.

Austen has a Outing Club with Greenagers! If you would like to participate in the many upcoming events, volunteer hour opportunities email austendupont@yahoo.com. Wednesday, October 1st, there is a canoe trip after school! From 3-5:30 pm, and rides are available.



August 29th, 2014

Hello again!

Our question was if you could pick any decorative thing that should always be in a house, what would that item be? “I really like it when houses have huge windows so that the light streams into the room, making it feel really open” and said a youth, laughing, “Yeah, or a big screen TV for  sports and video games.”

  • There are two new members at RSYP! One is filling in the Jobs and Careers position while the other is an Americore. She would like to know if there are any people in need of a roommate! Preferably in the town of Great Barrington.
  • If you would like vegetables harvest your own from our garden!
  • What do you think about a ping pong ball tournament! A youth at RSYP is starting a proposal, help be a part of the fun!


Luiza had a “back to school hike” this past Thursday from 3-6pm and she urges you guys to join her next time!



August 19, 2014

Hey! In YOB (Youth Operational Board), we started with the question “If you could choose your favorite era of fashion styles, whether in the early 50’s or late 90’s, which would you choose?” Someone talked about the “Monterey casual, jeans and a t-shirt” and “the mid-50’s.”

  • Luiza talked about the annuel LGBTQ confrense at the MCLA on November 25th, 2014.
  • Sean McCabe has decided to start a drawing class for the whole month of September, Monday and Wednesday, 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Monday and Wednesday. At the end of the class he will have an art show at the end of the month, to display the artwork of those who have attended.
  •  Radio Show is starting to solidify, would you like to intern at Railroad Street Youth Project (RSYP) and intern for this Radio Show?! Email Luiza@rsyp.org.
  • Drum lessons are being offered by Julez! Email Luiza@rsyp.org for more information on this opportunity!
  • For the 19th of September 5 spaces are left to sign up for the International Day of Peace! Michael Johnson and Luiza will be driving the Greenager van to the U.N.
  • Than on the 21st of August Luiza will have a quick party  for the International Day of Peace from 5-7pm at the RSYP, everyones wolcome! (Theres food)





August 5th, 2014

Hey y’all! So for YOB, we started with the question “What is the first thing you notice about a person?” Someone mentioned eyes, since they show a lot more emotion than we give them credit for. Another person talked about their atmosphere and vibe that is given when you first meet someone.

So Luiza mentioned the Berkshire Fringe which is through August 2nd to August 18th, theater, music and food all in one!! Come one and all, visit their website at www.berkshirefringe.org and there are still free tickets available to Youth! Email luiza@rsyp.org for more information.

The next women’s circle is the first Wednesday of each month at five, so come next month!

Leo (our social worker) has changed his schedule everyone, now he comes in on Mondays and for the rest of the summer he will be here from 12-5pm. Starting in the fall we will be extending our Monday hours until 7pm and Leo will be here from 3-7pm!!!

LGBTQai+ conference in April and we are interested in any youth who would like to be on the organization committee for that, also if any youth are interested in participating in this event email luiza@rsyp.org

Community Health Advisory Board is looking for youth to be a part of their planning committee! If you are interested in volunteer credits and attaining knowledge about public health, let us know! Luisa@rsyp.org

Alex would like to let you know that he has a training session for Mentors, August 14th at 4pm!

Also Alex wrote an Op-Ed for the Berkshire Record and will be submitting it soon, check it out!! If you would like any information on how to have the opportunity and ability to do this as well, contact us at RSYP.







Hey everyone!! It is time for the Youth Operational Board minutes, if you did not know, this is an important board of youth who make decisions and talk about what they find important, every Tuesday at 4pm to 5pm. 

Our check in question was; “If you had a billion dollars what would you do with it?

We got some interesting answers like “Create a forest full of fruit and vegetable producing trees and plants”, “A free college”, “A structured program for the education of women in Haiti and the ability to provide alternatives for violence” and many more interesting ideas.

Reminder that International day of Peace is Sept. 21st, and an available trip to the U.N. is available Sept. 19th for those who would like to be a part of this opportunity email luiza@rsyp.org
We will be kicking off our Peace Day Project on Sunday Sep. 21st, and anyone interested in helping out take photos of what peace looks like, we’d really appreciate all the support we can get! (or the trip to the U.N.) email luiza@rsyp.org
Berkshire Fring is starting Aug. 2nd anyone interested in attending free of charge (by tuesday) email luiza@rsyp.org!!

Alex wants to let everyone know that there is a “fermentation on wheels” workshop from 4-6pm this Friday August 1st. It is a bus with solar panels and runs on something other than diesel (vegetable oil or something similar). A pot luck will happen as well, bring food to share! Michelle would like you all to know that there is another fermentation workshop at the Ramsdell Library August 20th at 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Michelle wants to put out there that Music in Common Youth Summit at Simons Rock next week, August 5-11th and at no cost, its a place where 14-19 year olds from all over the world, and from here, come to learn how to be a facilitator of music and so much more.

Michael Johnson wants to let you know about the meditation retreat 9am to 6pm on Friday and Saturday, August 8th-9th at

Pennie Curry who works at Taft Farms and Gideon Garden where they produce a 2 acre garden where Youth deliver food to four different pantries six days a week, and also support eleven different families with home grown food.
Pennie is asking if you would like to harvest food because it relieves stress, and also she and youth from Gideon Garden would like to interact with the youth of RSYP! So come down, eat, and enjoy the sun and company.
Volunteer to help paint board cut outs of heroes ranging from children heroes and into any hero you can think of that you look up to. For example, I, Kiana Estime, want to paint a cut out of Martin Luther King. They provide food, transportation, and it wis at Taft farms for a corn maze they want to make for this fall. Come soon, and whenever!

Bullying is an issue and a fight that never ends, but Deanna Reyome has developed an anti-bullying group and would like to know if you would like to help it take sail! She is unable to keep it going for at least six weeks, but would like to know if there is someone passionate and interested and making this group available. Contact her at DeannaReyome23@gmail.com!

Girls! Women! WE HAVE A WOMENS GROUP! Come one and all, for it is a place of acceptance and understanding. The ability to connect in a non judgmental space and feel heard. Luisa has this group in the beginning of each month, this month it is Wednesday at 5pm at RSYP, and if nice out we’ll have it outside with food available!



July 22, 2014

Railroad Street Youth Project is so sorry about the lack of updates recently! We have been having some updating communication problems but thank you for your patience!

  • We had a great ice cream social last Friday! Thank you so much for all of your participation. Luisa would like to have youth and adults be aware of the LGBTQ comity in North Adams at MCLA. They are looking for interested youth who want to participate, it is all day long on the 25th of April. Transportation is available and food!
  • Alex calls all to recruit Mentors! If you have someone ages 18 and up looking to give guidance and friendship to a youth call RSYP and talk to Alex. You could get a Red Sox mentor T-shirt! (maybe even some Red Sox tickets)
  • Leo (our social worker and councilor) would like to talk with you! He is awesome and super friendly. Any sort of conversation, problem or thought, hes here!
  • Luiza has a water balloon fight next YOB on the 29th of July. Everyone come and join in!
  • Any thoughts about contributing to a radio show? RSYP is debating on creating our own radio show, spread youth awareness and create an opportunity for youth to become a voice in our community. Give us your input!
  • UN international day of peace is the 21st of September. RSYP is offering the opportunity to visit the UN on the 19th of September to share your presence and experience a life changing event.
  • Michelle proposed a workshop (the cost 100$) for this Thursday at 4pm we are learning how to identify different vegetables and plants. Than we are getting cabbages and firmenting them! Then eating it!!!! Everyone come, it is open to all.


May 27, 2014

  • Yevin wants youth to help with funding and fill out a demographic survey (he departs June 13th)
  • Will our Americorps Jobs and Careers coordinator can help you find a job, he updated YOB on the focus groups for Americorps, his proposal for AVP training for food and scholorships for $360 was approved, training will be June 7th and 8th
  • Luiza updated YOB on the current budget which is $1010 until August 1st, proposal for $50 for gas for driving model UN to train station was approved
  • Michelle Music In Common open house is at 5:30pm today at Dewey Hall in Sheffield, MA
  • Alex’s mentoring program went for a hike at Ice Glen in Stockbridge with Greenagers yesterday
  • Leo our counselor wants his five minutes with YOU
  • Conrad’s proposal was approved for $120 for a poster listing the community agreements and the mission statement
  • MJ wants youth to remember the dangers of tick season, also there is a ceremony with Native American chief and peace pipe holder Arvil Looking Horse
  • Caroline updated YOB about the upcoming Mt. Lebanon Heritage Herb Festival on June 7th, and June 28th is her Generation Craft fair
  • Outing Club has four more planned events!!! June 13th and 14th is his “bioblitz”
  • Barbara wants the Board of Directors to communicate with YOB regularly
  • 16 attended YOB

May 6, 2014

  • The NAACP would like to use RSYP for a racial justice meeting
  • Yevin’s previous proposal for 30 dollars does not need funding anymore
  • YOB shared their favorite songs that remind them of good times
  • Just a reminder “banana stand” is the phrase for gossip, try to avoid gossiping in the space
  • Next YOB will be 10 minutes of proposals and updates and the rest will be giving a better understanding of RSYP’s mission
  • Outing Club’s schedule for the next two months is completed and Collin is open to suggestions for the summer
  • AVP training is June 7th and 8th and its a phenomenal 18 hour endeavor
  • Alex wants mentors and mentees for the mentoring program and there are Red Sox tickets available


May 1st, 2014

  • Movie screening today in Pittsfield at 5:30 (Lets Talk About Sex)
  • Valeria is holding her first Cultural Night tonight at 6 at the Drop-in-Center!
  • Yevin was approved 30$ for gas to go to Lets Talk About Sex tonight in Pittsfield
  • Patsy was approved 40$ for her last two ceramic classes that she has been having at the Drop-in-Center
  • We discussed with the group about expectations from RSYP.. what they want to see, what they should see and don’t. We had a great conversation that will continue next week at YOB.
  • Caroline’s craft fair is June 28th! She announced  dates of workshops that she has set up prior to the event to help all the youth participants.

April 8th, 2014

  • Louisa told Yob about the prescription take back on April 26th and has a script for a PSA on the radio about contraception that needs to be approved next YOB
  • YOB nominated Kiana, David, Patsy, and Jared for the goodworks youth recognition award
  • Open mic is next Friday April 18th
  • 411 in the 413 is next Wednesday
  • There is a new system for the video games to keep them safe and secure drop-in for details
  • Alex needs mentor and mentees, he is planning a trip for the mentoring program next Thursday
  • Will’s AVP program will take half of YOB feel free to attend, there will be food
  • Valeria had a proposal to use the space on Thursdays from 6-7 for cultural night
  • David’s proposal was approved for $15 for a new Mortal Kombat
  • YOB discussed it’s visions for the future of RSYP and the “5-year plan”

April 1, 2014

  • Will is having AVP training April 15th at 430 and his proposal was approved for $40 for food (AVP intro will be half way through YOB so we are having a shortened meeting)
  • Alex Lenski wants YOU! Alex needs mentors and mentees for his program if you are interested contact RSYP
  • Collin is looking for 21+ youth to lead the Outing Club next year, he also wants to start phenology hikes
  • Craft Night is every Wednesday from 530-7
  • Luiza is wondering if anyone is interested in planning regular dances
  • Louisa had her mindfullness meeting after YOB
  • Mike Leavitt is taking us out again, he is doing an April break hike Monday April 21st at 10 on an all day endeavour
  • Michelle’s next Open Mic is April 18th @ 730, members from Music In Common will be there performing
  • Leo our awesome social worker wants his five minutes with you to check in on how y’all are doing
  • Yevin wants to remind you that game night is every Friday at 330, he would also like to invite anyone interested to come to Real Talk every Monday at 3
  • YOB discussed gossip and how to address it to make the space as non-biased as possible, if you hear gossip simply say “banana stand”
  • 19 attended YOB
  • Louisa’s Iphone was stoeln from the space, we at RSYP advocate for treating one the same way you would like to be treated. We ask that if any info on the missing phone is known or if someone has it, please return it to the space and there will be absolutely no questions asked





March 25, 2014

  • Collin gave us a Greenagers update
  • Alex updated us about the Outreach Program and showed us the t-shirts they designed
  • Louisa’s mindfulness series is starting April 1st at 5:30pm
  • Louisa asked for volunteers for a PSA to be on the radio regarding IUDs and contraception
  • Sally wants dance committee volunteers
  • Collin and Mike want to do an April Break Hike for an overnight stay on the trail contact for details
  • 411 in the 413 is coming up
  • We discussed Spring Plans for RSYP (block party, concerts, competitions, bake sales, EPIC MEAL TIME, cook outs, tye dye shirts, and water balloon fights)



March 18th, 2014

  • UN trip next Tuesday (25th) on Public Policy
  • 411 in the 413 packets are due! By Friday at least
  • Game Night on Friday at 330
  • Patsy hosted another successful crafter night, some of the crafts are fired and ready to be glazed
  • Hike today at 430
  • Will gave an update
  • Luiza talked about starting her CYGP organization
  • Sally asked that we try to make more frequent and scheduled dances, there is a meeting on creating a dance committee, anyone interested should drop in to RSYP
  • 17 attended YOB

MARCH 11th, 2014

  • Luisa gave an opportunity for a young woman to speak with her about IUD’s on a radio show.
  • Sign up for 411 in the 413 with your guidance counselors!!
  • Luisa is having her health hike next Thursday meet at the drop in center at 3:30.
  • Our YOB rules are being tweaked keep an eye out for a list of new and approved rules.
  • Jarrid’s proposal for the best buddies dance was approved!

MARCH 4th, 2014

  •  Patsy reviewed her craft night last wednesday
  • Yevin gave an update to YOB and offered a college tour of UMASS Amherst
  • Staff and youth reviewed the dance
  • Will held a tax workshop after YOB
  • Michael Johnson updated us on the United Nation’s IDP plans
  • Will had a proposal that was approved
  • We discussed preferred ways to be approached and how to properly approach a person who is using foul or slurred language

February 25th, 2014

  • Leo is here for free counseling
  • Luiza updated about the 411 in the 413 coming up soon
  • Austen wanted to encourage youth to visit colleges or get help at “mymajors.com”
  • Zac updated us on the open mic last Friday …
  • Todd wants us to do a “polar plunge” which we cannot condone but think is awesome
  • Collin came from Greenagers to pass out the Outing Club schedule for the month
  • Alex updated us on mentoring events and progression of the program
  • Mike updated us on the International Day of Peace
  • Tax workshop next week after YOB provided by the Jobs and Careers program
  • We had a great discussion about the YOB budget and changing the dynamics of how we go about proposals if you want info drop in and ask
  • 17 People attended YOB

February 6th, 2014

  • Mike offered a chance for a paid summer internship for youth 18+ to stay at a cabin near Anota Lake in Pittsfield and do various trail maintenance activities
  • Alex updated us on the mentoring program and wanted constituents to know that there is a free bowling night Saturday 1-3pm drop in for sign ups and details
  • Patsy’s craft night is tonight after being postponed by the snow storm
  • Kevin’s proposal was approved
  • Jarrid’s proposal was approved for a new Xbox Controller and charger
  • Austen updated YOB about the Trampoline Dodgeball trip to Westborough MA on Feb 15th, raffle tickets must be filled in and brough to RSYP by tomorrow at 3pm
  • Collin and Alex wanted to discuss a team project where exploring the great outdoors would help build positive relationships
  • 19 people attended YOB! :)

January 28th, 2014

  • Mentoring Bowls event at the Cove Feb. 8th from 1pm-3pm. Free shoe rentals, and two free games.
  • Youth Substance free Dance Friday Jan. 31st from 7-10pm. Tickets are 5$
  • Trampoline Dodgeball Feb. 15th. Come fill out a raffle ticket and win your spot in the van!!!
  • Eliza  was approved for travel expenses to attend a yoga training in Costa Rica. When she gets back she will be teaching free yoga for constituents!!!
  • Micheal Johnson brought by an awesome book for the Drop-In Library.
  • Luiza and Bella are hosting an event to talk about their trip WWOOFing in Europe. There will be photos and Greek food.
  • Patsy lead an engaging discussion on racism in local high schools. If you are interested in being a part of a group that combats racism in your school please email us at yob@rsyp.org.
  • 14 people attended YOB

December 19, 2013

  • Yevin is pondering the idea of a sobriety meeting
  • Collin A. is putting the Outing Club on hold until January
  • The next Bullying Meeting is January 8th at 4!!
  • The Rotary Club has asked to reserve the space January 24th from 6-8 and January 26th from 3-4 they are having an exclusive pizza night.
  • We discussed the drug packets that are available in the space with unbiased information about substance abuse.
  • 14 people attended YOB

December 3, 2013

  • Jocelyn Steiner Vassos has asked to use the space on January 24th to show all of the photography apprenticeship members art work!
  • Deanna has started an Anti-Bullying group the first meeting is next Wednesday 4-5!!! COME!
  • Austen created a trip to go to trampoline dodgeball, SINCE so many will be interested, we are doing a raffle!! come and sign up and maybe you will be chosen!!! there are 5 spots left
  • Carly came in and had a post YOB discussion on sex
  • 18 people attended YOB

November 12, 2013

  • Vital Questions were asked; such as, “If you could be a soup what would you be?” and “What kind of activities would you like to see at RSYP?”
  • Wonderful and amazing Patsy talked about a Yankee Swap
  • Collin from Greenagers talked about the Outing Club and possible community service opportunities for the winter
  • “Yobbers” discussed how to make youth feel safe in the community, specifically around guns and violence
  • 8 People attended YOB

October 29, 2013

  • Tight Knit Craft Night proposal approved! classes should be starting in late November.
  • Farmers Olympics for Greenagers at Route 7 Grill November 10th!
  • Open Mic Night November 8th!!!
  • We had a short guns and violence intervention, discussing the impact of weapons….
  • Real Talk on Race at Monument Valley still going on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.
  • 9 people attended YOB

October 22, 2013

  • October 29th RSYP will be in GB giving out free hot chocolate!!!
  • Caroline officially created Tight Knit Craft NIght
  • WE HAVING A DANCE TOMORROW AT 7-10 (see Jarred, Patsy or Austen for advanced tickets)
  • Outing club with Collin from Greenagers every Wednesday…
  • Michelle K. created an awesome poster for Open Mic night!
  • Alex wants you! To fill out a survey for his mentoring program, you automatically get a chance to win a $15 Tune Street gift card.
  • William Amado Syldor Severino will help you find a job, come see him at RSYP

October 15, 2013

  • Mike M. came in and talked about the safe rides program and the new dispensary that may come to Great Barrington.
  • Collin from Greenagers discussed the hike that happened Wednesday with Mike Leavitt, the outing club will start up again soon.
  • Will talked about the Jobs & Career program
  • Malcolm proposed the idea to have RSYP team up with the “Solarize Massachusetts Movement”. …
  • Alex wanted to do a kick off event for the Mentoring Program.
  • Yevin brought up the meeting in Great Barrington about opiate use. (November 6th)
  • Michelle and Leo from RSYP want to go into Great Barrington and serve hot chocolate to people and do out reach for RSYP and YOB.
  • 15 people attended YO