Proposal Form

Youth-inspired projects, the fundamental proposal process for RSYP, invites young people to take an idea to action. The Youth Operational Board (YOB) gives them the support, guidance and funding to do so. The YOB is a board comprised of young people who review and approve proposals on a weekly basis.

Process for submitting a proposal:

1. Fill out the form (in person or online). If there is anything preventing you from filling out the form due to issues of literacy, sight, etc. an RSYP staff member can work with you to fill out the form together.

2. Come to a YOB meeting to present your proposal, they start 4PM on Tuesdays but people with proposals should show up a bit earlier (3:45) to find a place on the agenda and learn some of the rules. If you cannot come to YOB to present your own proposal, please contact RSYP staff to figure out another arrangement. In the past, people have skyped or called in, or found someone to present the proposal for them.

3. If your proposal is approved, YOB interns and RSYP staff will inform you how to follow through with the rest of your project proposal

fill out a proposal:

If you have an idea for a project, you can submit it with the online from below, or download a printable PDF proposal form.

    Project Title:

    Brief description of project:

    How does this project meet the mission of the RSYP?

    What is the estimated budget of your project? Please list a breakdown of costs and revenues if it is more than $500. If you know of existing funding sources, please list them.

    How many youth would be involved? What would thier role(s) be?

    Define your role in the project.

    Define RSYPs role

    What is the time frame of the project?

    Please add any other info you think is relevent