Youth Operational Board

The Youth Operational Board (YOB) is the core of RSYP, and has been since 2000.

YOB is comprised of young people who meet weekly at our Drop-In Center to review and approve proposals, and help facilitate youth-based projects submitted by community member and/or youth constituents. In the last few years, YOB has sponsored over 300 youth-inspired projects and activities.

Youth-inspired projects are RSYP’s lifeblood; they bring the youth-driven spirit to the public eye. YOB supports these projects in numerous ways, whether it’s a donation, advocacy help, finding space to teach a class, finding industry professionals who will be interested in a young person’s idea, etc…

RSYP invites young people to bring their own idea or inspiration to life, and gives them the support and funding to do so through the guidance of the YOB.

Youth Operational Board meetings are held Tuesdays @ 4:00 pm 60 Bridge Street, Great Barrington, MA

To have a project considered by YOB, Click here and complete a Proposal Form

To find out what’s happening at YOB, visit our YOB BLOG

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