Drop-in Center

_MG_4424RSYP’s Drop-in Center, located at 60 Bridge Street in downtown Great Barrington, is a place where youth aged 14-25 meet, develop projects, attend meetings, find a staff person to talk to, receive help with crisis situations, or just hang out.

Our space is flexible and open to new people and ideas! Events such as dances, ping pong tournaments and discussion groups are hosted in the drop-in center. Groups interested in cultural diversity, LGBTQ identity, etc. have also used the drop-in center to conduct meetings and events.

Our drop-in center hosts most of our staff and a social worker one day of the week, TBD. No appointment or insurance required! Meetings on other days of the week are scheduled as needed.

Come by and enjoy our collection of books, food, board and video games, ping pong table, computers, WiFi, arts and crafts, and company!

The Drop-In Center is open*:

  • Monday, 3:00-5 PM
  • Tuesday, 3:00-7 PM ** Summer Hours 3:00-6 PM
  • Wednesday, 3:00-7 PM
  • Thursday, 3:00-7 PM
  • Friday, 3:00-7 PM

*Official drop-in hours start from 3-closing, but our doors are open to you before then! Sometimes the space may be closed for staff meetings and other events.

Check our Calendar of Events to find out what’s happening in our space!

For more information, contact Sabrina@rsyp.org