Some Cool RSYP History

Our board member, Erik Bruun, shared his experiences with RSYP with The Monday Evening Club in 2009. We were so excited to see it pop up in searches, we decided to share it here!

Click here to read Erik’s moving words!

Some highlights include:

“…Railroad Street Youth Project of Great Barrington, Massachuetts, (is) the youth empowerment organization that I have devoted more passion and energy (to) than any other enterprise in my life other than parenting.”

“Many, many times young people go to the drop-in center simply to hang out, develop a connection to a staff member, and end up being served in very intense, personal ways.”

“RR Street’s mission of empowerment spoke deeply to me. Here was a collection of young people who many adults wanted to discard as at-risk troublemakers. The young people of RR Street wanted to define themselves differently and have a voice in their own lives, without giving up their youthful enthusiasm. ”

“Our task is to be engaged in their lives, and if struggle is the realm of contact, then so be it. We have to trust them and believe in them, even when fear runs through our hearts. And when we do that we cannot predict how great or perilous the outcome will be, but we live in a place of faith.”


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