Sean talks about his experience!

Last month, Sean McTeigue, and Michelle Kaplan were funded by YOB to attend a fermentation conference by Sandor Katz at the Rowe Conference Center. I asked Sean a few questions about his experience.


What was your experience like at the fermentation conference? My experience at the fermentation festival was very cool. There were 30 people, all different types of people, and it was always kind of a conversation, or discussion. Lots of time to ask questions. Basically what I learned about fermentation is that you can’t mess up. That there is an endless amount of things you can ferment. Endless possibilities.

Were you the youngest person there? Yes!

What was that like? It was swell, it was like there wasn’t really any age there, it was a cohesive body of folks.

What was your favorite part? My favorite part; of course doing the little fermentation exercises was really exciting. There were lots of cool things, we would all hold hands and sing some song that I never knew, and I was about to explode from laughter, moments like that. It was just cool to be out there, expanding my knowledge.


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