Hip-Hop Dance + Music Session with Open Thought Productions

Today, we had the incredible opportunity of having Open Thought Productions. As part of Mahaiwe‘s school residency, artists Baba Israel, Yako 440 and Ken Fury came to the Youth Project to share with us some tools and tricks of the trade.Hip hop session 6

Baba and Yako worked with Matteo, Donovan, Tymell and David to write rap lyrics, taught basics of beat boxing and how to work a turn table.
Hip hop session 2

While Matteo and Donovan were working on the music, Ken Fury choreogrpahed a breakdance routine with LJ, David, Georgia, Luiza and Sonam. We learned some essential break dancing moves, such as two-step and freeze. At the end of the 3 hour session, we put the music to the moves. Shout out the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center and our board member Dave Barrett for this amazing opportunity. It was a great way to spend a day off from school on a rainy day. More pictures and maybe even a video to come! Stay tuned!

Hip hop session 1

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